The Small House Movement

My post about Dancing Rabbit triggered a lively conversation with a friend about ways of approaching the problem of creating sustainable lifestyles. I recently learned about the small house movement. Proponents of tiny houses recommend them as a way to accomplish density without excessively tall buildings and as one potential solution to the affordable housing shortages that exist for first-time buyers in some communities. Many communities impose a minimum size on dwellings, I guess because big houses mean big property values.

2 Responses to “The Small House Movement”

  1. I just saw your post on the Small House Movement and thought you might be interested in one we are running on a new website on culture, Today, Lori Erickson writes of the SHM in “Living Small.” I’ve not seen too many articles on this trend but it is truly growing in the world of sustainable living. I hope you’ll check out the article at Thanks!


    Ericka Andersen
    Community Editor

  2. i am interested in a small house to build

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